Read Your Unread Books Challenge in 2023


Like many bookish people I have become more of a book collector than a reader. For the past couple of years I have been making an effort to read more from my own shelves and my goal for 2023 is the same.

In 2023 please join me in the hashtag #ReadYourUnreadBooks2023 as we try to read through the books that already fill our shelves.

Some ways to tackle your unread books:

Pull some books that you think you might like to read first

Set the goal to read one book from your shelves a month (this step goes well with the previous step if you like to plan out your reading in advance)

When/if you have selected a couple of books see if anyone would like to do a buddy read. It might make it more fun to read along with some (even if it is virtually) and it might be the push to read a book from your shelves.

Some prompts to help you pick your next unread book to read:

a book with a dark cover

a book that has been on your shelf the longest

a book that was a gift

a non fiction book about a topic you are interested in

a book less than 200 pages

a book more than 200 pages

a book more than 500 pages

a book that will be a cozy read

a book that scares you

a book that is a part of a series

a book that was recommended to you

a book that bookstagram made you buy

a book that takes place in a location you would love to visit

a book that is set in your currently city or country

a book that has been a Book Club Pick (your own book club or a Celebrity Book Club)

a book by an author new to you

a book by a favourite author

a book about historical fiction

a genre that you don’t usually read

a fantasy novel

a biography

a mystery

a YA book

a book of essays

If you use the StoryGraph app please join this challenge there! Search the challenge section for Essentially Meagan or Read Your Unread Books Challenge 2023