January Reading Life

Wow 2022 has already been an exhausting year, and it’s only a month old.

A recap- I was feeling dissatisfied with my reading life by the end of 2021, I was reading books that I didn’t love so that I could beat my previous read goals. I decided to not set a number of books read goal this year, focusing on reading from my shelves and to read books that I actually wanted to read.

Now to see how I’ve done.

I found that I wasn’t really interested in reading this month. It was like I had so many choices, but none of them appealed to me. I think pandemic fatigue and stresses in my life helped contribute to that feeling. By the end of the month I decided to just read what really appealed to me, and that was to continue reading the Harry Bosch series by Michael Connelly. There’s something about Bosch solving crimes in LA that I find comforting right now. I seem to read Bosch books faster than the other books that I have read this month. They might not be the books that are popular on Instagram (and Bookstagram) right now, but they are the ones that make me excited to read before bed, so I am sticking with them.

Books I’ve read this month:

The London House by Katherine Reay– I started this in December and didn’t push myself to finish it before the new year started. It had potential but was a little flat to me. (Libby)

Off Season- Jennifer Weiner- I put this audio book on hold in December because I was looking for short books to read (see always trying to beat that number of books read) and I didn’t really read the description of this book. Well, I was VERY surprised when it turned out to be a short story that had more in common with Shirley Jackson books than the women’s fiction I thought it was going to be. Rachel Dratch was an excellent narrator. (Libby)

Lost Light- Michael Connelly- I really liked seeing Harry navigate the retired cop life while trying to solve an old cold case that has bothered him. Lots of twists and turns in this one. (Unread shelf)

The Madness of Crowds- Louise Penny- The newest Gamache book wasn’t my favourite. I found it hard to read about a post pandemic world when the pandemic is still going strong in my world. I did love that it was a return to Three Pines, but I could have used more time in the Bistro. (Unread Shelf)

Accidentally Engaged- Farah Heron- I loved this romance set in Toronto. And I want to learn how to bake bread. It is just really delightful. (Unread shelf)

The Postmistress of Paris- Meg Waite Clayton– Firstly, this book’s title is misleading because it doesn’t really take place in Paris. Secondly, I found it to be interesting. A slightly different spin on World War II historical fiction in that it took place in the South of France. I enjoyed that the main character was an American woman who helped refugees, and displaced people get out of France. (Libby)

Bloomsbury Girls- Natalie Jenner- This was an ARC from NetGalley. I really liked going back in time to 1950 London and seeing the inner workings of a bookshop. I almost want a sequel to see how the shop fairs in the “swinging sixties”. (ARC)

The Narrows- Michael Connelly- Harry Bosch is up against The Poet (which is a really great book also by Michael Connelly) There are a lot of references to other books by Connelly in this one, and some spoilers to the Bloodwork series with Terry McCaleb. (Unread shelf)

4 books read from my unread shelf 🎉, 3 from Libby and 1 ARC.

I also set a little no book buying rule for myself for January. And I’m happy to say that I was able to stay strong and not buy any books. It was kind of easy to not mindless browse online bookshops- because of my slump nothing looked appealing to me! What was harder was resisting the book subscription boxes that became available this month- Valentine’s Boxes, Galentine’s Boxes, Thriller Boxes, Tea Boxes with a book that I AM actually excited for. I told myself that I usually end up getting a box that is full of a book that I’m not too interested in and weird snacks and products that aren’t for me. I think I might make my own little box up for Valentine’s Day. Get an unread romance from my shelves, and get some yummy snacks that I actually like!