April’s UnreadShelf Challenge

The prompt for this month was the book you most recently acquired. Right before everything closed down because of the pandemic in March I was lucky to make a visit to Indigo (ohh book shopping in a store, how I miss you very very much). While I was there I bought a few books, and the one that I picked for this month was Other People’s Houses by Abbi Waxman. I really enjoyed this book, I love stories about families and women and their daily lives. By the end I was wishing that I lived in Frances’ neighbourhood (and that I lived in LA). I hope to be able to read The Garden of Small Beginnings another book by the same author that I think features some of the same characters.

This prompt was great this month because I am like many other people who seem to think that they shouldn’t read their new books before they have read books that have been sitting on their selves for far (far) longer. I say read what you like, because reading is reading 🙂