Ways to Use Lemon Oil Around the House



I think lemon oil is the oil that I use the most, and have purchased the most in the couple years that I have been using essential oils. Not only does it smell fantastic I find that I have used it in many different ways.

  1. Paint remover- I did a little painting in the summer and managed to splatter a couple of drops of paint on my foot. Because it was an oil based paint I would have normally had to use paint remover (gross) to get rid of it. Instead I used a few drops of lemon oil on a rag, scrubbed it for a few minutes and volia! The paint was gone!
  2. In the dish washer- earlier this year I bought Honest Company dish washer detergent tablets, they didn’t work in my dish washer. A white film was left on everything and when I contacted the Honest Company the response was to run my dish washer on hot for 6 or 7 loads to get rid of hard water build up. Well that seemed like a crazy waste of water not to mention hydro. Instead I added white vinegar and 3 drops of lemon oil to the pre-rinse dispenser. The white residue was gone after one use! I have since found a better detergent but I still use white vinegar and lemon oil every few loads to get rid of any hard water build up that might be happening.
  3. Sticker residue- Have you ever bought a cute picture frame from Winners only to get it home to realize that you can’t the get price sticker residue off the glass ?(because the sticker is always on the glass!) Enter Lemon Oil, a couple of drops on a rag and that residue disappears.
  4. Sap remover- my Mom sat in some tree sap when she was gardening at the cottage, she used some Lemon oil on it and she was able to remove the sap and save her clothes.
  5. Fruit and Veggie wash- I find that I use this most often with berries, I fill a bowl up with water, add 2 drops of Lemon oil, plop the berries in and let them soak for a few minutes (probably up to a 1/2 hour or so, I am easily distracted!). Then I just rinse the berries off, dry them and I have delicious, clean berries that are clean! This is also a great way to clean grapes to get rid of that weird coating that is sprayed on them.
  6. In my diffuser- I love to diffuse Lemon oil any time that my kitchen needs a little air purifying. I find that I tend to diffuse lemon when something that has a lingering smell has been cooked- fish, garlic and onion smells. I also diffuse it when things have gotten burnt- crusty bread in the toaster that was left for too long! (if it isn’t too cold outside I also open a window to get a good breeze going) but I find that the lemon neutralizes any lingering scents.

These are just a few of my favourite ways to use Lemon oil around the house in my daily life! If you are interested in using Lemon oil yourself,  you can click here to find out how to get some for yourself.



Hello 2017 Books

Oh my, I have neglected this blog for a LONG time. Well it is a new year, so time for new posts!

If you haven’t guessed it yet I love reading. I am always adding book titles that sound interesting to a never ending note on my phone called “books to read” and I sometimes get to cross them off my list.

This year I have decided to give a couple of reading challenges a go- I have been doing the GoodReads Challenge and the #50BookPledge for a couple of years now and I enjoy them (you can set your reading goal to anything for GoodReads if the 50 books in the 50 book pledge seems like a lot of books).  I also recently discovered a couple of other challenges that give prompts for books. Now I know I read a lot, but even I know that I can’t read ALL the books for all these challenges. I am however using the Read Harder, Pop Sugar, Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge and the Litsy challenge as prompts to get me ideas on what to read next (I found myself in a reading slump at the end of 2016), as well as a guide when choosing books. I know already that I will be picking and choosing prompts from all of the lists that seem interesting to me, I doubt that I will one whole list this year. I’m sure I will end up reading a lot of books that don’t have a spot on any of these lists! But I like the idea of a reading list at the beginning of the year it seems very exciting to me (and a little beginning of the semester or school year vibe).

Let me know what your reading goals are this year, and if you will be joining me in any of these challenges!

*I ran out of ink for my printer ages ago so I hand wrote out all of the lists in a notebook to keep track, but many of the above challenges come with printer versions with bookmarks and checklists!*


Dexter is conserving his energy for 2017 Reading