Crocodile on the Sandbanks- Elizabeth Peters

IMG_0010I just discovered this series thanks to a post on Litsy (if you haven’t heard of it it is an app that is best described as if Goodreads and Instagram had a baby. Follow me if you have it, I’m ReadingMeagan). And I loved this book. I am pretty excited that there are 19 or so books in the series, now if only all of them were available on Overdrive from my library!

I was a little unsure of this book when I first started reading; it is a mystery set in the late 1800’s in Egypt and the main character is a female aspiring archaeologist. I feared that it would be really dry, and rather dated (because it was written in the 1980’s) but I was happily proven wrong!

The main character is named Amelia Peabody, she is in her early thirties and has her own (inherited) wealth so she is able to travel and learn about Ancient Egypt on her own. Because this is the first book a few characters are introduced that I am assuming will be sticking around in the series. Evelyn starts out as a companion for Amelia (she can’t travel without one).I liked that Amelia has a friend in Evelyn, and that complement each other in both temperaments as well as words. I don’t want to give too much away, but there is a romance angle, for both characters (which I am always a sucker for), and I will say that Emerson was really giving me a Mr. Darcy vibe for the whole book.

While I was reading the book I was thinking of Essential Oils (I am really always thinking of oils and how I can use them and diffuse them, even if it is a quiet thought in the background of my other thoughts). Two oils kept popping into my head: Frankincense and Cedar wood. I was thinking of oils that would have been familiar to Ancient Egyptians.

Frankincense is known as the oil of truth, it reveals deceptions and false truths (I found this to be rather funny, this is a mystery book and if you read the book you will see why it is such a fitting oil). Frankincense invites individuals to let go of lies, deceptions and negativity.

Cedar wood is the oil of community. It brings people together to experience the strength and value of community.

I’m excited to read more of this series, and to see if I can pick more oils that go perfectly with the books!

Thanks for reading,


Eligible- Curtis Sittenfield

Oh how I loved this book! I guess I should first tell you that I love Jane Austen, and that Pride&Prejudice is my favourite book of hers.  I will watch and read modern retellings anytime (except for that one play adaptation of Sense and Sensibility that my Mom dragged me to. I have seen children in elementary school plays act better. Seriously, it was terrible).

Eligible is a modern version of Pride and Prejudice, set in Ohio instead of Regency England.   The fact that it is a modern retelling may turn Austen purists off, but I was game to try it. For a Pride and Prejudice retelling to be spot on I always think that Mrs. Bennet needs to be totally crazy, and so utterly awful that you just cringe anytime that she is speaking. Bridget’s Mom in Bridget Jones’ Diary does this SO well (book version, the movie version is so tame). Mrs. Bennet is AWFUL in this version of the story, I don’t want to give any of the plot away, but she isn’t politically correct in the way she thinks or speaks, and her need to “keep up with the jones'” really makes her an unlikable character. Mr. Bennet is kind of a weak character in Eligible, he has kind of washed his hands of everything and just lets Lizzie take care of things.

Curtis Sittenfield has done a great job of making the characters relatable, Lizzie is stuck in a relationship that is less then ideal, and her parents are getting older and have health and financial issues. The twist of Mr. Bingley having been on a reality tv show is hilarious, Mr. Darcy is standoffish as he should be (spoiler alert, Eligible unlike Austen has sex scenes, they are great but Austen purists might not be impressed).

The oil that I suggest to diffuse while reading Eligible would be the encouraging blend. This blend contains a combination of mint and citrus oils that can help motivate and inspire an individual to have the courage to move forward with confidence and strength. Now if that isn’t an oil blend to help Lizzie with everything that she needs to do then I don’t know what is!


DIY Dry Shampoo

DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe:
• 1/4 cup arrowroot powder or cornstarch
• 4 drops lavender
• 4 drops rosemary
• 4 drops peppermint

Add all ingredients together and mix well (you can also pulse them together in a food processor). Apply with a old (clean) makeup brush. Wait 5 minutes or so and then rub in with hands or use a natural bristle brush!